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What Is The CCMEP Program?

CCMEP stands for “Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program” and it’s designed to help most low-income young adults find employment and build a career path that is tailored specifically to meet an individuals needs to help them get ready for their future.

  • Some of the services that are provided:
  • Education and Career Training
  • Paid and Unpaid Work Experience
  • Leadership Development
  • Financial Mentoring and Counseling
  • Preparing for College or Work Credential Training

This Program Will Help You Meet Your Goals And Reach Success

The skills and connections you develop are priceless to your career path. You’re always going to have to start somewhere, so why not start here?

Engineer Showing Apprentice How To Measure CAD Drawings

After the CCMEP, you could qualify for the OJT (On-The-Job Training) to acquire even more job experience to sharpen your skills.

College readiness, Trade School Prep and Work Credential Training are available. We want to see you succeed.

With job experience at hand and case management working at your side, we do our best to help you find your next employer and get you ready to take the next steps necessary to be successful.

Most information provided by JFS CCMEP Fact Sheet on jfs.com