Employer Partnership

For Employers

Looking for your next employee? Read the information below to see how the CCMEP can benefit employers looking for new candidates to hire!

Employers Can Get:

  • Help with recruiting, pre-screening and hiring new employees.
  • Help developing a workforce with the correct skills to help them succeed.
  • Reimbursement for a percentage of the trainee’s regular wages during the training period.

Why be a partner?

CCMEP and OJT Programs help employers train employees with lower risks, higher retention rates, and less waste of valuable recourses. We will help you find eligible individuals to suit your needs as well as their needs to potentially be a future employee of your business.

CCMEP (Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program) will help an individual get a better idea of what they want for their future in the work place starting with about 20 hours a week to gain job experience.

A CCMEP individual could transition into a OJT Trainee if you both decide it is a fit for both the individual and the business

OJT (On-the-Job Training) is geared towards more in depth training and development made for long-term employment for an individual that is a federally funded program.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Reimbursement of training costs
  • Training tailored to the employers’ needs
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher retention rates

On-the-Job Training requirements

  • Each individual must be assessed and found eligible and suitable by the local Ohio Means Jobs center before they are hired.
  • The Employer commits to hire and retain the individual if the individual completes a satisfactory training period.
  • Employers MUST offer the same treatment and compensation that they offer to workers in the same or similar positions.
  • Employers must not have laid off workers from the same or similar positions to use On-the-Job training to displace current workers to reduce their hours, wages or benefits.

The process is quick and easy, with minimal paperwork involved. Please email ccmep@vljames.com or Call 740-281-1330 and ask for Victor

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